What is Lefse?

Lefse is a Norwegian original. Colorful stories carry it back to the time of the Vikings, but history shows potatoes first appearing in Norway some 250 years ago. On the traditional Norwegian homestead, enough lefse would be made at one time to last for up to a year. Fortunately for you, we offer packages of 12 and 24 for your convenience!

Traditional lefse is made from a potato-based dough that is hand-rolled. The most popular way to enjoy lefse is called "lefse-klining"--the simple delight of adding butter and sugar to a lefse round, then rolling it up.  Lefse is often served alongside lutefisk, another traditional Norwegian delicacy, though one with more of an “acquired” taste.

But there's no end to all the ways you can enjoy traditional lefse. Use it like a tortilla and wrap your favorite ingredients inside. However you decide to enjoy it, we’re positive you’ll be coming back to Countryside Lefse for more!

From our Customers

 Your lefse is the best ever, and I come from a large Norwegian family! I bought some from another company a few years ago and it tasted like it was made with potato paste. At the first taste of yours, I immediately was hooked. I am ready for more. Thank You!  - Lorraine Johnson